About melt

How it all began…

Although proud of my London roots, I had always had a strong desire to discover new cultures which led me to visit many parts of the world whenever I got the chance. Then one day an opportunity presented itself where I found myself moving to Geneva with my family. This experience was unique as it meant embracing a new culture with new experiences whilst holding onto my memories and personal identity. I was not viewing a different culture from the outside as before, as merely a passer-by, I had in fact become part of it. With that brought the desire for change.

My background had always been in marketing and advertising but I was looking for new challenges. I had always been creative, whether it be making my own clothes and bags, so it seemed a natural progression to move into jewellery making to accessorise.  Wanting to carve out my own identity, I loved the idea of creating pieces that told a personal story.

Our lives are full of memories and experiences whether individual or shared and are unique to each of us, so why shouldn’t the jewellery we wear reflect these moments, serving as visible traces of our journey throughout life. With this in mind, the concept of melt was born.

I hope that by wearing melt jewellery you will be reminded of those special moments in your lives.